In Australia – The ‘Speeding. No one thinks big of you’ campaign, takes a totally different approach to reach out to young drivers about the consequences of SPEEDING.

The TV ads shows women shaking their little finger- a gesture used to symbolise a small penis- as speeding male drivers race past.

The ad campaign aims to make speeding socially unacceptable among young drivers.


We have always admired and respected men in uniforms… but who and what are they beyond their uniforms.

I have recently discovered something that I think – might help other people understand these men better…


Standing proud in his uniform, credible from the outside ….

but in the inside?


Haha.. I don’t need to say anything more… πŸ™‚

Peace man!

Advertising and marketing gimmicks are everywhere, it is there to provide information about a product and create publicity- hoping that consumers take a second look at them and… eventually bite.

This is the reason why, it is our personal responsibility to be wise in our decision makings, so we don’t get fooled.

Here is an example.

Ice Cold Beer, Emerald Hill, Singapore.

A nice cozy place, tucked inside Emerald Hill –Β  A very familiar name for both locals and tourists, so since it is tucked inside a quiet street, competitors that has the advantage of a better frontage near the entrance of the street did this…

Place a large sign that looks like it is the ICE COLD BEER outlet but in fact it is not – The outlet’s name is Outdoors, and they serve ice cold beers… a good way of fooling people…

Uncle Leong’s Seafood, famous for its wide selection of crab dishes. My friends and I went for it (finally) last Sunday.

Blk 233, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3.


Camera: Lomo LC-A, expired film.

Sitting at the restaurant, choosing which crab to order was very stressful. All the photos from the menu seemed equally tempting. While trying to sort out our orders, flipping the menu from back to front and front to back, I saw a very disturbing note that said..


*Choose crab at your own risk. *No insurance will be covered.

What the? and Why?

Well, taking a bold step was to order, and so we did. We ordered the crab beehoon and the chilli crab. In the end, both are equally tasty and good. Nothing funny happened to us (thank goodness), because if something had happened, I’m pretty much certain that our insurance doesn’t cover anything that has got to do with Uncle Leong’s Seafood Restaurant. – I just know it…

*Probably its about time that insurance companies start a package that has this coverage… then you can eat your crab in peace, knowing that you are CRAB INSURED!

Camera: Lomo LC-A, expired film.

Camera: Lomo LC-A, expired film.

Ok to make this short, sweet and direct to the point, this blog entry is for my family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriends or even strangers out there that comes to view my blog.

In less than a month my birthday is coming and these are the things I really want and wish to have. Whether I buy it myself or a love gift from others… I need to have the following.




You would noticed that most of these things are related to my attempt to do a photography come back, I was into photography back then, but when I stated working, I became busy and just couldnt juggle my time between work and hobby.

Two years into working, I find it easier to balance my time, hence, back to photography.

I have a flickr account but on free mode, with the rate I’m going now, I don’t think the free account is enough, it only allows me to upload up to 200 photos, and has a limit of creating 3 sets only. With this, I have to be careful with the things I upload so that I don’t use up the available space so quickly, but even so, I just know that I need more space.

My LOMO LC-A accessories is also one of the things I’m going to buy sooner or later, I have been researching the internet and found out that, I can do a whole lot more with the possession of the above accessories, in terms of better control over my pictures as well as improving my LOMO techniques.

Anyway, as thick skin as I can be, this is the truth, for the past 26 years, I don’t recall wanting to have something on my birthday, it is just now.. I don’t know why…

Anyone? I promise that I will send you guys a nice photograph, complete with my signature and a thank you note… hey, you never know, I might be famous one day…and my photos and signature will be worth 10 folds the gift amount.



I hope you have not scheduled anything for next week? If you did, then, it means you will be missingΒ  WOMAD SINGAPORE 2007.

WOMAD is hosting performances by various artists around the world. It will be an event that is fun, exciting and entertaining. Breaking cultural barriers through the arts – WOW! (something I look forward to happening in the coming years)

By participating in this big event, not only we give recognition to international artists but also, we are able cultivate a culture that appreciates a significant area of our existence – the arts.

On a lighter note, I saw something very odd this afternoon outside our neighbor’s front door.

A plant delivered to the doorstep of AR-MEN French Restaurant in Duxton Road.

* Attached was a handwritten note.


It reads…

” Hi there!, We spoke to the supervisor and he told us that he would water our dear plant while we are at the festival site. Will collect on 30 August. Thank You! & See you @ WOMAD. – From 35A Duxton Rd. ”

“P/S Its dying, we know.”

Connect the dots… 35A Duxton Rd is WOMAD’s office address.

Thinking about this plant, I will feel really guilty if I don’t attend the event … the organizers just gave up spending time with a dying plant just to make WOMAD SINGAPORE 2007 possible. – true dedication. haha πŸ™‚

I came across some interesting photos during my photolib spring cleaning last weekend. Here are some of it…

Filim. 2006

I remembered taking this image during my visit to the printers. It was late, I was tired, the printers are still cleaning the machines, then I saw this…it lighten my mood by half.

Drool. 2006

After our not so well-received presentation, I had a whole chunk of blue-tac leftovers, I was disappointed and wanted to sleep through it. Hence, this photo. The rat was my pre-existing computer accessory during those days.

My Sumo Uncle. 2006

My uncle visited me here in Singapore last year. I didn’t get a chance to take time off from work, taxis were their best friend. One day, I saw them leave the house to board this very interesting taxi…

It was a good time spent cleaning up my photos, It made me reflect on the things I have done and experienced during the past years….

We have been taught since young – NOT do certain things in public. And yes, the office is a PUBLIC place.

It took me 26 years to understand why…

Your tummy hurts, you ran straight to the toilet, but before that, you grab certain things that can keep you entertain for the time being.

These are some of the things…

Clockwise : Check the time; Read newspaper articles; Day dream; Listen to music

You feel relieved, relaxed and accomplished – business done!

But the office is a public place, you don’t do certain things.


Because …

You never know whats happening beyond those closed toilet doors…


Especially in a Creative Agency. πŸ™‚ – we even managed to do the collage.

I hope I’m still friends with my colleague after this… πŸ™‚

A popular Japanese snack- The Yaki Nori. Yaki Nori are roasted seaweed sheets made initial for sushi/kappa/temaki rolls… and now increasingly popular as a regular snack.

The more famous packaging that I’m more familiar with looks like this:


Since young, I can easily finish about 5 strips in one go. Opening one or two is just not enough, anything more than 5 is just adding more msg into my system, hence five(5).

Although, I have been faithfully buying this snack, I have to admit that, it has not been all that easy… the annoying part is the opening part, imagine you are half way through your snack, enjoying it, but it has to be interrupted – interrupted because the portion is just not enough… and then you waste another minute or two just to open another one, and another one and so on…

I believe that I am not the only one experiencing this problem… and the issue has been brought forward to the manufacturers.

The other day, I saw my colleague snacking bigger sheets of seaweeds, naturally, I was intrigued and went to approach her to see what brand it was… I almost fell off the ground laughing when I saw the big labeled text that says “BIG SHEET”.


It is indeed one “BIG SHEET”, bringing better portion compared to its predecessor, but to be honest, the next time I have cravings for seaweeds, I will probably think twice before I ask someone a favor to buy me 1 BIG SHEET. And YES, I will get my Big Sheet but I’m sure it wont come so easily… without going through the extra humiliation beforehand.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy a night of great music performed by none other than The Cure last Wednesday evening – and it’s all for FREE.


The offer came from Justine, one of my closest friend here in Singapore. She had a spare ticket and decided to invite me!At first, I was not tempted to go because I didn’t know who THE CURE was. But what the heck, the tickets are worth SGD180.00 and it’s free, so why not?! And besides, I didn’t want her to go to the concert alone.- that would have been very boring. *ahem*

Some of the things I discovered that night:

1. It is not true that I have never heard of the The Cure.

2. One of my favorite song is sang by none other than The Cure .

3. It is fun to see families enjoying a Pop&Rock concert together. Dad+Mum+Teenage kids.

4. Older people are really cute when they loosen up and start to dance to the beat.

All together, the night was awesome, it was a good time spent… out of my regular design world.

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