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Again, another cultural differences….

Singapore – I once asked ” Food, there are too many to choose from, how can you tell whether which one is good and which one is not?”

The response of many…

1. Long queue – ah, that must be good!

2. Newspaper clippings –  the more the better the food is.

So I put these two comments to heart from that day onwards up until now… queue/articles = good food.

I saw something last week that met the 2nd criteria (articles) for choosing good food, but what is interesting is that – they actually took this known fact into a higher level…

Jumbo newspaper clipping


Normal size newspaper clippings

With this, my new question for the locals is this…

“does size really matters?”


China Club; Hong Kong August 2007

Rabbit Har Gau


Xiao Long Bao in a carrier


I love dim sum and I have been eating it ever since I can probably chew… but I’m very sure that I have never had anything close to a rabbit looking Har Gau nor a Xiao Long Bao served in a carrier ever..

Advertising and marketing gimmicks are everywhere, it is there to provide information about a product and create publicity- hoping that consumers take a second look at them and… eventually bite.

This is the reason why, it is our personal responsibility to be wise in our decision makings, so we don’t get fooled.

Here is an example.

Ice Cold Beer, Emerald Hill, Singapore.

A nice cozy place, tucked inside Emerald Hill –  A very familiar name for both locals and tourists, so since it is tucked inside a quiet street, competitors that has the advantage of a better frontage near the entrance of the street did this…

Place a large sign that looks like it is the ICE COLD BEER outlet but in fact it is not – The outlet’s name is Outdoors, and they serve ice cold beers… a good way of fooling people…

Uncle Leong’s Seafood, famous for its wide selection of crab dishes. My friends and I went for it (finally) last Sunday.

Blk 233, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3.


Camera: Lomo LC-A, expired film.

Sitting at the restaurant, choosing which crab to order was very stressful. All the photos from the menu seemed equally tempting. While trying to sort out our orders, flipping the menu from back to front and front to back, I saw a very disturbing note that said..


*Choose crab at your own risk. *No insurance will be covered.

What the? and Why?

Well, taking a bold step was to order, and so we did. We ordered the crab beehoon and the chilli crab. In the end, both are equally tasty and good. Nothing funny happened to us (thank goodness), because if something had happened, I’m pretty much certain that our insurance doesn’t cover anything that has got to do with Uncle Leong’s Seafood Restaurant. – I just know it…

*Probably its about time that insurance companies start a package that has this coverage… then you can eat your crab in peace, knowing that you are CRAB INSURED!

Camera: Lomo LC-A, expired film.

Camera: Lomo LC-A, expired film.

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