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We have always admired and respected men in uniforms… but who and what are they beyond their uniforms.

I have recently discovered something that I think – might help other people understand these men better…


Standing proud in his uniform, credible from the outside ….

but in the inside?


Haha.. I don’t need to say anything more… 🙂

Peace man!


… your favorite 3-year old Havaianas has suddenly reached the day that it finally gives up?


It happened during a hot, sunny afternoon… near the fruit market…

snap! – think of a solution.

Being a person in the creative field, I don’t think I handled the situation with much creativity.

This is the best that I could come up with – given the time & situation.

An improvised plastic-bag shoes.

Yeah…it was good enough to bring me back to the office, but of course walking around looking like crazy constitutes a fair amount of public humiliation.

Shamelessly, I’m still proud of myself for being calm and cool during this time of trials and pain. *cough* *cough* – 😛