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You know the times where you try to defend your blurred photos and pretend that you knew – and you go… “It would have been better if I did bring a tripod along”. People sometimes bite and agree, whether you are being honest or just giving out your best BS, the FOZI tripod might be of good help. Nice product design which can be carried everywhere, anytime.

One thing I am skeptical about, I went to the website and saw that they sell it in pack of 5’s, is it that flimsy that you need all the spares?

Hmm… anyhow, I like the design, the idea is simple, and I love the typeface!



A speech bubble “P”….

It looks cute… I must admit, but apart from that I don’t really have any strong thoughts about it yet?


We have been taught since young – NOT do certain things in public. And yes, the office is a PUBLIC place.

It took me 26 years to understand why…

Your tummy hurts, you ran straight to the toilet, but before that, you grab certain things that can keep you entertain for the time being.

These are some of the things…

Clockwise : Check the time; Read newspaper articles; Day dream; Listen to music

You feel relieved, relaxed and accomplished – business done!

But the office is a public place, you don’t do certain things.


Because …

You never know whats happening beyond those closed toilet doors…


Especially in a Creative Agency. 🙂 – we even managed to do the collage.

I hope I’m still friends with my colleague after this… 🙂

Yesterday, Qantas launched its new corporate logo.

The difference are subtle but distinctive, the kangaroo legs now is longer and follows the contour of the lower side fins.


It was reported that the first of the airline’s fleet to carry the new logo and livery – a Boeing 767 operating domestic services.


The new iconic logo was redesigned by a Sydney based agency – Hulsbosch.

Fish bowls are traditionally boring, but not anymore…

left: wall mounted; top right: bookends; bottom right: tea cup

So, which one do u prefer?

Vintage seems to be the “IN” thing now, people like to dress in vintage clothes, wear vintage accessories and collect vintage knick knacks…

With this latest fad, I became very observant of things around me that has the vintage feel, and there seems to be more and more coming out lately, some branding effort started to become vintage too. From all of these, I came across beer brands that have rich history and has been consistently vintage in their effort to promote the “trusted” feel.

To name some will be Kilkenny Irish Beer, Tetley’s (English) Beer, Guinness Stout (Irish) and Erdinger (German) Beer, these beers might not be as famous as other brands like Carlsberg or Heineken, but they have been proven to be around for a long time and might actually taste purer than others.

I love the vintage look and packaging… hmm, and of course the taste too.


1.jpg 4.jpg

If you want to see more of pictures you can visit their individual sites, Guinness has a large collection of their vintage posters in their website. If you want to get free beers from ERDINGER and free food ( in Singapore ) I suggest you go and register at the Erdinger website and nominate a friend and then you stand a chance to win too, cause when I heard about it I nominated my friend and they actually won and since you can bring 3 of your friends along, I got an invite!

So if you want FREE FLOW OF BEERS! you might want to consider?! But I don’t think you get to keep any memorabilias though… in any case anything free is GOOD !

19th Century

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone; The Wright Brothers invented the first airplane.


20th Century

The invention of the WORLD WIDE WEB ; Genetic Engineering was


21st Century

1. The creation of Nothing – It’s a piece of packaging with a clear plastic sphere sticking out of it that contains absolutely nothing. ;

2. The invention of two drinks by Out of the Box (OOTB) Singapore.
Anything – Carbonated drink that can be anything from these six flavours: Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer.

Whatever – A non-carbonated and is made in six flavours as iced tea: Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea.


Looking at this makes me want to think and hope that people are actually doing more than this except that probably I just dont know.

It is the 21st century, my gosh I just know we can do better …


My latest trip overseas was a 9 days vacation in the “Land of the Rising Sun” – Japan. My trip started in a two day visit to Japan’s capital Tokyo and then walked our way down south by train to Osaka. Traveling with my parents is always been really nice and relaxing, not to mention that it is all expense paid including accommodation, food and shopping. Yey! I thank the Lord God to have been born in a family that encourages both generosity and giving.

Back to my Japan trip, to sum it all up I had a blast! Never thought I would enjoy Japan this much, my last trip to Japan was in 1992 – 15 years ago, I barely remember anything except for the little things I see printed on my old photographs. Anyway, this year’s trip was special cause we got to see the old towns and other interesting things outside the country’s capital.

There are a lot of things that I find really interesting about the Japanese culture – bowing over and over again (being courteous), silence inside the train (mobile phones in silent mode so that it doesn’t disturb anyone), being very detailed in everything and many more….

Addressing the being very “detailed” in everything, I was specifically intrigued with one very interesting thing during my trip -MANHOLES; my gosh their manholes are specifically designed for each town you go to. The design usually represents the characteristics of that particular town. This is something unique for me and I think I have not seen it in other countries I have visited.



A city in the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture, which has retained a traditional touch like few other Japanese cities, it is also known for its greens.



The Nara Park (Nara Koen) is a large, pleasant park in central Nara. The park is home to hundreds of freely roaming deer. Considered messengers of the gods in Shinto, Nara’s deer have become a symbol of the city and have even been designated a National Treasure.



A remote, mountainous region in northern Gifu Prefecture, Shirakawago is famous for its old farmhouses, which were added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sitesin 1995.

The farm houses are built in an architecture style called gasshozukuri, as the houses’ steep roofs resemble two hands folded for a prayer. The massive construction is required for the houses to withstand the large amounts of snow falling in the region during winter.

There are a lot of things I can write about my trip to Japan, but I would rather not and have everyone experience it  and draw out their own conclusion themselves. Indeed a true experience I will never forget.

I saw the new ad for Singapore Airlines at an MRT station, I think it is to create awareness for the printable boarding pass SIA is currently offering, but what really caught my attention is the way this ad is communicating to me and to the public.





“got better things to do than queue?” & “want to avoid queue?” – a valid tagline for the service, but the visual that interprets this line – I’m not that confident.

I wont say it is completely wrong, but it is indeed very confusing, especially the ad that answers the question with a NO –  & then with a queue line.

There is definiely something wrong somewhere but I have yet to identify it more elaborately and more clearly with lots and lots of thoughts.

I believe that this ad is done by TBWA since the SIA account has been awarded to them early this year (but I could be wrong). But are they (ad agency) effective in relation to this ad, I’m not too sure. I have seen the latest video and it looks perfectly fine – (business class and first class), so, what really went wrong here? – confused






Singapore + Adelaide.

Beyond famous architectures and landmarks, the true charm and characteristics of a city can be found where the culture is expressed in its purest.

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