I hate to take public, to be more specific >> THE BUS. Buses are generally gross, dirty, hot, smelly, most of the time full ( elbow to elbow ) and before I forget, the drivers drive like mad, especially the morning 851 bus drivers.

Bus drivers – I have got a lot to say about them, one thing is… “GO BACK TO DRIVING SCHOOL MAN”.

Just imagine, one morning I was on my usual bus (851) and the driver was speeding like no one’s business, he was driving faster than the Lexus besides us…. oh my!

But then again, if I don’t take public every morning, then my life wouldnt be this interesting. Like this morning, I have discovered another alternative use for my trusty Dettol Hand Wipes.


Dettol hand wipes

*Use not only to sanitize your hand when dirty, but can also be used as a air-deodorizing agent when strong body odor is present.

* If odor persists, double the wipes.

* If odor still persists after the double shield of Dettol hand wipes, please inform the person emitting the foul odor. (we almost did! he was just sitting in front of us) 🙂


As soon as he left, the air suddenly cleared. – What an experience to remember!