Some might not understand what I meant by “D-Day”, actually it is just a subtle way of saying the word BIRTHDAY. And since I am talking about myself, I get a little bit shy. 🙂

Okay to get straight to the point – My birthday this year went really well, it was a blast, I got my sort of surprise pressies as well as some real genuine surprises… which had caught me off- guarded, making my day really special and memorable.

It all started one day before my actual birthday and carried on until the next day…

1. Sept 7; 2:00pm – Blind folded, dragged into the car to go somewhere… somewhere I don’t know…. it turned out to be at Ben & Jerry’s, Dempsey Road.

2. Sept 7; 3:00pm – I was told by my colleagues that my gift won’t be coming – in time for our celebration (the gift  was purchased online and it takes 1-2weeks to deliver). The present was a no surprise, I know what I wanted and I made sure that my colleagues knew about my “Wants” 😛 .. what was surprising was to receive and open a supposedly “stand up” gift which ended up to be the actual gift inside the package…

3. Sept 7; 8:00pm- Me, My boyfriend, Jacques, Civon, and the Swiss Shooting Team went to eat dinner in Timber at Boat Quay.

4. Sept 8; 12:01am – After dinner, we invited our other friends to play pool, while engaged in playing, I didn’t realized that it was after midnight already when my boyfriend causally asked me to get something from his bag, I never thought that it would be a surprise, but as I open it, I saw my gift, and it is one of the things I have been eying to buy for some time already.

4. Sept 8 10:30am (actual day) – I heard a knocking sound at my front door while I was cleaning my house, I peep into the peep-hole – – Flower delivery from my BF! – totally unexpected and surprised again.

5. 7:30pm – Dinner time, I was instructed by of course who else ( BF) to be ready for dinner at 7:30pm, of course I was not ready by then, I thought that there were no reservations made, so being late was not an issue. I went down to the lobby at about 8:00pm, he was on the phone and I heard something like “We might be a little late”, then when he saw me, he quickly hang up.

I was now thinking… hmm, another surprise? Wow! it’s not yet over? so I asked him, where are we eating? just as he told me the previous night, I got the same answer(Holland Village), so.. ahh not a surprise, but as we get into the cab, I was shock to hear that the address he gave the driver was something I was not familiar with…- another surprise!

After everything, looking back at that day, I really felt privilege and blessed… to have such beautiful and loving people around me that made the extra effort to make my day so special and memorable. ( To include all the people who remembered to sms & emailed me their birthday greetings). Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone. Selwyn + Apeans + Friends.


The rest of the snaps will be uploaded soon.