I hope you have not scheduled anything for next week? If you did, then, it means you will be missing  WOMAD SINGAPORE 2007.

WOMAD is hosting performances by various artists around the world. It will be an event that is fun, exciting and entertaining. Breaking cultural barriers through the arts – WOW! (something I look forward to happening in the coming years)

By participating in this big event, not only we give recognition to international artists but also, we are able cultivate a culture that appreciates a significant area of our existence – the arts.

On a lighter note, I saw something very odd this afternoon outside our neighbor’s front door.

A plant delivered to the doorstep of AR-MEN French Restaurant in Duxton Road.

* Attached was a handwritten note.


It reads…

” Hi there!, We spoke to the supervisor and he told us that he would water our dear plant while we are at the festival site. Will collect on 30 August. Thank You! & See you @ WOMAD. – From 35A Duxton Rd. ”

“P/S Its dying, we know.”

Connect the dots… 35A Duxton Rd is WOMAD’s office address.

Thinking about this plant, I will feel really guilty if I don’t attend the event … the organizers just gave up spending time with a dying plant just to make WOMAD SINGAPORE 2007 possible. – true dedication. haha 🙂