Ok to make this short, sweet and direct to the point, this blog entry is for my family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriends or even strangers out there that comes to view my blog.

In less than a month my birthday is coming and these are the things I really want and wish to have. Whether I buy it myself or a love gift from others… I need to have the following.




You would noticed that most of these things are related to my attempt to do a photography come back, I was into photography back then, but when I stated working, I became busy and just couldnt juggle my time between work and hobby.

Two years into working, I find it easier to balance my time, hence, back to photography.

I have a flickr account but on free mode, with the rate I’m going now, I don’t think the free account is enough, it only allows me to upload up to 200 photos, and has a limit of creating 3 sets only. With this, I have to be careful with the things I upload so that I don’t use up the available space so quickly, but even so, I just know that I need more space.

My LOMO LC-A accessories is also one of the things I’m going to buy sooner or later, I have been researching the internet and found out that, I can do a whole lot more with the possession of the above accessories, in terms of better control over my pictures as well as improving my LOMO techniques.

Anyway, as thick skin as I can be, this is the truth, for the past 26 years, I don’t recall wanting to have something on my birthday, it is just now.. I don’t know why…

Anyone? I promise that I will send you guys a nice photograph, complete with my signature and a thank you note… hey, you never know, I might be famous one day…and my photos and signature will be worth 10 folds the gift amount.