I came across some interesting photos during my photolib spring cleaning last weekend. Here are some of it…

Filim. 2006

I remembered taking this image during my visit to the printers. It was late, I was tired, the printers are still cleaning the machines, then I saw this…it lighten my mood by half.

Drool. 2006

After our not so well-received presentation, I had a whole chunk of blue-tac leftovers, I was disappointed and wanted to sleep through it. Hence, this photo. The rat was my pre-existing computer accessory during those days.

My Sumo Uncle. 2006

My uncle visited me here in Singapore last year. I didn’t get a chance to take time off from work, taxis were their best friend. One day, I saw them leave the house to board this very interesting taxi…

It was a good time spent cleaning up my photos, It made me reflect on the things I have done and experienced during the past years….