I was fortunate enough to enjoy a night of great music performed by none other than The Cure last Wednesday evening – and it’s all for FREE.


The offer came from Justine, one of my closest friend here in Singapore. She had a spare ticket and decided to invite me!At first, I was not tempted to go because I didn’t know who THE CURE was. But what the heck, the tickets are worth SGD180.00 and it’s free, so why not?! And besides, I didn’t want her to go to the concert alone.- that would have been very boring. *ahem*

Some of the things I discovered that night:

1. It is not true that I have never heard of the The Cure.

2. One of my favorite song is sang by none other than The Cure .

3. It is fun to see families enjoying a Pop&Rock concert together. Dad+Mum+Teenage kids.

4. Older people are really cute when they loosen up and start to dance to the beat.

All together, the night was awesome, it was a good time spent… out of my regular design world.