This afternoon, Orchard Rd., Singapore, I saw someone holding a big sign that says “The British Reporter, Free”, and with her, a tall stack of tabloid newspapers.

Normally, I don’t go for tabloids, but since my boyfriend had pointed it out and we were stuck waiting for the green pedestrian light to go – I went for it…

And to my surprise, this is what I got…



At first, everything seems to be what it is supposed to be – a tabloid. It was thin, 4pp, but it looks normal. It even has a line at the top of the page that says “The British Tabloid of the Year”

Below the page, the tabloid tries to tempt readers to flip to the inside page using a seductive looking girl with a caption that says “She wants you to see some British skin”


And so we flipped… and then WALLAH!


LONG JOHN SILVERS – you have done a good job of fooling us!

The whole tabloid is full of LJS ads. The tabloid is a marketing effort to promote LJS. The back page doesn’t even have a proper content, it says “Get it right. Go Fish!” all over.


Although I have been fooled, I still think this idea is brilliant and well-thought of – from the execution style to the distribution technique.

Good work no doubt but will it be effective? I’m still skeptical.