If you haven’t heard of Lomography, Lomo, Holga, LC-A, Super Sampler and etc… then you must visit the Lomographic Society website. Lomography photographic techniques appreciates the element of surprise in every shot taken with your camera. There are 10 Golden Rules that you need to take to heart while using a Lomo camera, it can be found here.

I have been shooting using my lomos since 2004 and I have been happy with my results may it be bad or good. With your lomos, you need to experience the trial and errors involve, this is also the reason why it is so damn FUN- get familiarized with your camera to get the best result, two contributing factors are 1. All lomo cameras are unique from one another, techniques are usually very personal. 2. The famous tag line ” Don’t Think, Just Shoot!”

My current lomo equipment:

1. LC-A

2. Holga

3. Super Sampler

5. Color Splash

– –

My Wishlist: (hint, hint! my birthday is coming soon!)

1. Horizon Perfekt

2. Fish Eye

3. Sidekick Leather Bag

4. Photo Albums from Lomo

Ok, before i get carried away further, I have finally uploaded some of my lomo photos, for now I have only uploaded the first batch as I’am still scanning the rest. (so pardon me for this)

Sample Picture:


You can view the rest here. Comments are very welcome.