Vintage seems to be the “IN” thing now, people like to dress in vintage clothes, wear vintage accessories and collect vintage knick knacks…

With this latest fad, I became very observant of things around me that has the vintage feel, and there seems to be more and more coming out lately, some branding effort started to become vintage too. From all of these, I came across beer brands that have rich history and has been consistently vintage in their effort to promote the “trusted” feel.

To name some will be Kilkenny Irish Beer, Tetley’s (English) Beer, Guinness Stout (Irish) and Erdinger (German) Beer, these beers might not be as famous as other brands like Carlsberg or Heineken, but they have been proven to be around for a long time and might actually taste purer than others.

I love the vintage look and packaging… hmm, and of course the taste too.


1.jpg 4.jpg

If you want to see more of pictures you can visit their individual sites, Guinness has a large collection of their vintage posters in their website. If you want to get free beers from ERDINGER and free food ( in Singapore ) I suggest you go and register at the Erdinger website and nominate a friend and then you stand a chance to win too, cause when I heard about it I nominated my friend and they actually won and since you can bring 3 of your friends along, I got an invite!

So if you want FREE FLOW OF BEERS! you might want to consider?! But I don’t think you get to keep any memorabilias though… in any case anything free is GOOD !