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This afternoon, Orchard Rd., Singapore, I saw someone holding a big sign that says “The British Reporter, Free”, and with her, a tall stack of tabloid newspapers.

Normally, I don’t go for tabloids, but since my boyfriend had pointed it out and we were stuck waiting for the green pedestrian light to go – I went for it…

And to my surprise, this is what I got…



At first, everything seems to be what it is supposed to be – a tabloid. It was thin, 4pp, but it looks normal. It even has a line at the top of the page that says “The British Tabloid of the Year”

Below the page, the tabloid tries to tempt readers to flip to the inside page using a seductive looking girl with a caption that says “She wants you to see some British skin”


And so we flipped… and then WALLAH!


LONG JOHN SILVERS – you have done a good job of fooling us!

The whole tabloid is full of LJS ads. The tabloid is a marketing effort to promote LJS. The back page doesn’t even have a proper content, it says “Get it right. Go Fish!” all over.


Although I have been fooled, I still think this idea is brilliant and well-thought of – from the execution style to the distribution technique.

Good work no doubt but will it be effective? I’m still skeptical.


“It’s not happening here but it’s happening now”






I love the idea of the whole campaign.  The idea of space within a space is very well executed.

The main mission of Amnesty International is to, uncover, document and make public the abuse of human rights.  The aim is to make the people in Switzerland aware of the issue of human rights and to stimulate discussion.

To view more visit Amnesty International website.


Good effort for a recycled idea…

If you haven’t heard of Lomography, Lomo, Holga, LC-A, Super Sampler and etc… then you must visit the Lomographic Society website. Lomography photographic techniques appreciates the element of surprise in every shot taken with your camera. There are 10 Golden Rules that you need to take to heart while using a Lomo camera, it can be found here.

I have been shooting using my lomos since 2004 and I have been happy with my results may it be bad or good. With your lomos, you need to experience the trial and errors involve, this is also the reason why it is so damn FUN- get familiarized with your camera to get the best result, two contributing factors are 1. All lomo cameras are unique from one another, techniques are usually very personal. 2. The famous tag line ” Don’t Think, Just Shoot!”

My current lomo equipment:

1. LC-A

2. Holga

3. Super Sampler

5. Color Splash

– –

My Wishlist: (hint, hint! my birthday is coming soon!)

1. Horizon Perfekt

2. Fish Eye

3. Sidekick Leather Bag

4. Photo Albums from Lomo

Ok, before i get carried away further, I have finally uploaded some of my lomo photos, for now I have only uploaded the first batch as I’am still scanning the rest. (so pardon me for this)

Sample Picture:


You can view the rest here. Comments are very welcome.

Yesterday, Qantas launched its new corporate logo.

The difference are subtle but distinctive, the kangaroo legs now is longer and follows the contour of the lower side fins.


It was reported that the first of the airline’s fleet to carry the new logo and livery – a Boeing 767 operating domestic services.


The new iconic logo was redesigned by a Sydney based agency – Hulsbosch.

Fish bowls are traditionally boring, but not anymore…

left: wall mounted; top right: bookends; bottom right: tea cup

So, which one do u prefer?

Maybe it is rare to hear people appreciating litter, but I guarantee that most people will like this one…

£5000 in £10 and £20 notes were individually dropped around the streets of London with a removable sticker that read :

“Carlsberg don’t do litter. But if they did it would probably be the best litter in the world.”


Interesting but expensive campaign by Carlsberg.

Advertising Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi, London, UK

I’m pretty sure there is no twin brother because I know this guy… but what a wonderful coincidence!


Absolutely no D.I.

Vintage seems to be the “IN” thing now, people like to dress in vintage clothes, wear vintage accessories and collect vintage knick knacks…

With this latest fad, I became very observant of things around me that has the vintage feel, and there seems to be more and more coming out lately, some branding effort started to become vintage too. From all of these, I came across beer brands that have rich history and has been consistently vintage in their effort to promote the “trusted” feel.

To name some will be Kilkenny Irish Beer, Tetley’s (English) Beer, Guinness Stout (Irish) and Erdinger (German) Beer, these beers might not be as famous as other brands like Carlsberg or Heineken, but they have been proven to be around for a long time and might actually taste purer than others.

I love the vintage look and packaging… hmm, and of course the taste too.


1.jpg 4.jpg

If you want to see more of pictures you can visit their individual sites, Guinness has a large collection of their vintage posters in their website. If you want to get free beers from ERDINGER and free food ( in Singapore ) I suggest you go and register at the Erdinger website and nominate a friend and then you stand a chance to win too, cause when I heard about it I nominated my friend and they actually won and since you can bring 3 of your friends along, I got an invite!

So if you want FREE FLOW OF BEERS! you might want to consider?! But I don’t think you get to keep any memorabilias though… in any case anything free is GOOD !

19th Century

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone; The Wright Brothers invented the first airplane.


20th Century

The invention of the WORLD WIDE WEB ; Genetic Engineering was


21st Century

1. The creation of Nothing – It’s a piece of packaging with a clear plastic sphere sticking out of it that contains absolutely nothing. ;

2. The invention of two drinks by Out of the Box (OOTB) Singapore.
Anything – Carbonated drink that can be anything from these six flavours: Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer.

Whatever – A non-carbonated and is made in six flavours as iced tea: Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea.


Looking at this makes me want to think and hope that people are actually doing more than this except that probably I just dont know.

It is the 21st century, my gosh I just know we can do better …


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