I saw the new ad for Singapore Airlines at an MRT station, I think it is to create awareness for the printable boarding pass SIA is currently offering, but what really caught my attention is the way this ad is communicating to me and to the public.





“got better things to do than queue?” & “want to avoid queue?” – a valid tagline for the service, but the visual that interprets this line – I’m not that confident.

I wont say it is completely wrong, but it is indeed very confusing, especially the ad that answers the question with a NO –  & then with a queue line.

There is definiely something wrong somewhere but I have yet to identify it more elaborately and more clearly with lots and lots of thoughts.

I believe that this ad is done by TBWA since the SIA account has been awarded to them early this year (but I could be wrong). But are they (ad agency) effective in relation to this ad, I’m not too sure. I have seen the latest video and it looks perfectly fine – (business class and first class), so, what really went wrong here? – confused