“Be creative, innovative and efficient”.- these are some of the standards that people expect from a person in the creative field. To some people, being in the creative industry = fun, fun and more fun, they see it as an exciting and very rewarding profession. –

It is of course fun and exciting but very frustrating as well. What most people don’t realize is that- being in the creative field is actually as tough or even tougher than any other profession.

It is the nature of the field, in the creative/design/art world, nothing is perfect and nothing is technically wrong. The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. This holds true in this profession. May it be to please your boss, clients or the general public. If we think it this way, then it is actually an easy job – just do something they like thats it….

The “thing” is that, what the general public don’t get to see is how the creatives work. The creatives, WE .. tend to be cocky and take pride of what we do… going back to my earlier statement… it is expected of us to at least be creative & innovative; and to our work, who is the one who gets to be the first judge? – US, ME.

We have to reach the state/point that we are proud of what we have done, then we hand it in. – taking pride . It is actually harder to please our inner self than others, truthfully speaking.

The work keeps coming and the pressure of producing is constant. So what? every other field gets the pressure… what is all the ranting about? well…

CREATIVE IDEAS DOESN’T COME ANYTIME YOU NEED IT. It is not 911 nor the fireman. It is deemed unreliable and unpredictable.

This is what I wish people can understand more. Creativity strikes anytime and sometimes misses if you don’t catch it right… haha

Another thing that needs to be clear to the public is that there are factors into consideration to being creative. Clients for example, they either give too much restriction(direction) or nothing at all (Lack of direction – but in actually, they know what they want they just don’t want to say it).

Two types of Clients

1. The Lack of Direction Type – These people express it to the creatives as FREE PLAY, up to you, you are the creatives, give us something interesting. – but in the end…. “its not what we want”

2. The Full of Restriction Type – I want this, this and this…. it must be like that, that and that. I want it tomorrow. I dont have to budget but I want it ASAP.

In this instance, the presence of the two types of clients- how can you induce creativity? Is there a technique that people actually use.. and have been proven effective?

Now I’m thinking, are these enough reasons to block the creative process?

I do believe that these factors affect and block the creative juice to flow, thus, less ideas … less innovative and less creative.

Does this hinder us to produce? No, because we still believe that the process is fun and exciting. But is it discouraging? Definitely YES…

How many years, decades and century more do we have to wait for the public to understand the creative process? Or is it just me? Is it a fact that I have to really accept? like a pledge you have to sign once initiated into the creative world? If this is the case… why wasn’t I warned in school? This could have made a big difference… haha…