I can actually give thousands of reasons why I don’t like to cook. Here are some of my reasons…

1. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) thanks to my mum, I learned over the years that I’ve got to hate leaving my kitchen untidy. Cooking = Mess; therefore …..

2. I spend so much on TAXIs. I hate taking the bus. Cooking = Grocery time; Grocery time = Lots of food; Lots of food = Heavy bags; Heavy bags = another reason to take the cab; therefore …..

3. I love the smell of newly washed clothes c/o Dynamo Laundry Detergent. My kitchen is near my laundry room. Cooking = Kitchen; Kitchen = Smoke smell; Smoke smell = travels through air; therefore…

4. I hate doing things alone aside from living in an apartment alone. Cooking = Doing it at home. Doing it at home = Cooking and eating alone; therefore…

5. I hate paying for something that is not worth paying for. Cooking = Me doing; Me doing = knowing I don’t know how to cook; knowing I don’t know how to cook= Tasteless food; Who pays for the ingredients and food?; therefore…

Looking at some of my reasons why I really don’t fancy cooking makes me think why do people enjoy the process of food making?… hmm… Of all the reasons I can think of, probably the only thing that makes sense to me is, this so-called art in food making; the actual final food presentation as it is served – this reason, I do appreciate, it is really an experience to be sitting down in a fancy restaurant, with good ambient music, a premium glass of red wine and a well designed and well prepared food.

Ideas, ideas and more ideas. I’m an artist and a designer by profession, where can I find cooked food for me to try the art of food preparation?


First stop – Japanese Buffet, Orchard Road.

Salmon Salad

Second stop – The Legends, Fort Canning Park

Fresh Fruit Platter

I can’t wait for my next buffet experience.