“Angels Or Devils”

this is the last time
that I’m ever gonna come here tonight
this is the last time – I will fall
into a place that fails us all – inside

I can see the pain in you
I can see the love in you
but fighting all the demons will take time
it will take time

the angels they burn inside for us
are we ever
are we ever gonna learn to fly
the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down
come around
I’m always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold

this is the last time
that I’m ever gonna give in tonight
are there angels or devils crawling here?
I just want to know what blurs and what is clear – to see

still I can see the pain in you
and I can see the love in you
and fighting all the demons will take time
it will take time

the angels they burn inside for us
are we ever
are we ever gonna learn to fly
the devils they burn inside of us
are we ever gonna come back down – come around
I’m always gonna worry about the things that could break us

if I was to give in – give it up
– and then
take a breath – make it deep
cause it might be the last one you get
be the last one
that could make us cold
you know that they could make us cold
I’m always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold


Some people always ask, how do you become a good sales person? I think there are alot of qualities that differentiates between a good and bad sales person.  But one thing that sales people should always remember.- which is ofcourse very important…

Know your product and always try to be honest!the customers do appreciate these type of kind gestures!

This was taken during my last trip to Turkey.

Believe me, in Asia, I dont think they have the guts to do these type of thing! In fact they will tell you otherwise.

Everywhere; Anywhere…

I was in Athens, Greece this last April and I saw this graffiti – natural reaction? Camera out and Snap! Say Extra cheese ?!?


You know the times where you try to defend your blurred photos and pretend that you knew – and you go… “It would have been better if I did bring a tripod along”. People sometimes bite and agree, whether you are being honest or just giving out your best BS, the FOZI tripod might be of good help. Nice product design which can be carried everywhere, anytime.

One thing I am skeptical about, I went to the website and saw that they sell it in pack of 5’s, is it that flimsy that you need all the spares?

Hmm… anyhow, I like the design, the idea is simple, and I love the typeface!

And yet, another addition to my plastic camera collection.

From my first roll:


see more of photos.


A speech bubble “P”….

It looks cute… I must admit, but apart from that I don’t really have any strong thoughts about it yet?


I hate to take public, to be more specific >> THE BUS. Buses are generally gross, dirty, hot, smelly, most of the time full ( elbow to elbow ) and before I forget, the drivers drive like mad, especially the morning 851 bus drivers.

Bus drivers – I have got a lot to say about them, one thing is… “GO BACK TO DRIVING SCHOOL MAN”.

Just imagine, one morning I was on my usual bus (851) and the driver was speeding like no one’s business, he was driving faster than the Lexus besides us…. oh my!

But then again, if I don’t take public every morning, then my life wouldnt be this interesting. Like this morning, I have discovered another alternative use for my trusty Dettol Hand Wipes.


Dettol hand wipes

*Use not only to sanitize your hand when dirty, but can also be used as a air-deodorizing agent when strong body odor is present.

* If odor persists, double the wipes.

* If odor still persists after the double shield of Dettol hand wipes, please inform the person emitting the foul odor. (we almost did! he was just sitting in front of us) 🙂


As soon as he left, the air suddenly cleared. – What an experience to remember!

Again, another cultural differences….

Singapore – I once asked ” Food, there are too many to choose from, how can you tell whether which one is good and which one is not?”

The response of many…

1. Long queue – ah, that must be good!

2. Newspaper clippings –  the more the better the food is.

So I put these two comments to heart from that day onwards up until now… queue/articles = good food.

I saw something last week that met the 2nd criteria (articles) for choosing good food, but what is interesting is that – they actually took this known fact into a higher level…

Jumbo newspaper clipping


Normal size newspaper clippings

With this, my new question for the locals is this…

“does size really matters?”

Some might not understand what I meant by “D-Day”, actually it is just a subtle way of saying the word BIRTHDAY. And since I am talking about myself, I get a little bit shy. 🙂

Okay to get straight to the point – My birthday this year went really well, it was a blast, I got my sort of surprise pressies as well as some real genuine surprises… which had caught me off- guarded, making my day really special and memorable.

It all started one day before my actual birthday and carried on until the next day…

1. Sept 7; 2:00pm – Blind folded, dragged into the car to go somewhere… somewhere I don’t know…. it turned out to be at Ben & Jerry’s, Dempsey Road.

2. Sept 7; 3:00pm – I was told by my colleagues that my gift won’t be coming – in time for our celebration (the gift  was purchased online and it takes 1-2weeks to deliver). The present was a no surprise, I know what I wanted and I made sure that my colleagues knew about my “Wants” 😛 .. what was surprising was to receive and open a supposedly “stand up” gift which ended up to be the actual gift inside the package…

3. Sept 7; 8:00pm- Me, My boyfriend, Jacques, Civon, and the Swiss Shooting Team went to eat dinner in Timber at Boat Quay.

4. Sept 8; 12:01am – After dinner, we invited our other friends to play pool, while engaged in playing, I didn’t realized that it was after midnight already when my boyfriend causally asked me to get something from his bag, I never thought that it would be a surprise, but as I open it, I saw my gift, and it is one of the things I have been eying to buy for some time already.

4. Sept 8 10:30am (actual day) – I heard a knocking sound at my front door while I was cleaning my house, I peep into the peep-hole – – Flower delivery from my BF! – totally unexpected and surprised again.

5. 7:30pm – Dinner time, I was instructed by of course who else ( BF) to be ready for dinner at 7:30pm, of course I was not ready by then, I thought that there were no reservations made, so being late was not an issue. I went down to the lobby at about 8:00pm, he was on the phone and I heard something like “We might be a little late”, then when he saw me, he quickly hang up.

I was now thinking… hmm, another surprise? Wow! it’s not yet over? so I asked him, where are we eating? just as he told me the previous night, I got the same answer(Holland Village), so.. ahh not a surprise, but as we get into the cab, I was shock to hear that the address he gave the driver was something I was not familiar with…- another surprise!

After everything, looking back at that day, I really felt privilege and blessed… to have such beautiful and loving people around me that made the extra effort to make my day so special and memorable. ( To include all the people who remembered to sms & emailed me their birthday greetings). Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone. Selwyn + Apeans + Friends.


The rest of the snaps will be uploaded soon.

China Club; Hong Kong August 2007

Rabbit Har Gau


Xiao Long Bao in a carrier


I love dim sum and I have been eating it ever since I can probably chew… but I’m very sure that I have never had anything close to a rabbit looking Har Gau nor a Xiao Long Bao served in a carrier ever..

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